Home Eco Friendly Guide Carving a future out of materials that had once become things of the past

Carving a future out of materials that had once become things of the past


Handmade furniture always comes with an added cost. And if the same piece is customized as per an individual’s needs, the price touches the sky. But designer Jreal is here to calm you with her handmade scrap metal furniture, which you can alter as per your taste. Exceptional designing, that too the recycled way is need of the hour. Keeping this in mind, Jreal simply picks discarded materials and custom welds them to turn them into extraordinary pieces. She makes even dead stuff look all the more charming.

Green treasure

To provide added comfort, handmade scrap metal furniture, is tailored as per one’s needs. Custom-made objects can be given fine detailing, which will suit a person’s interiors or simply reflect his personality and add a soothing touch. Such preferences always add a special touch and make people attract towards them. Also bringing discarded products to life always helps protect our beautiful nature, preventing any further deterioration. Filling living spaces with handmade scrap metal furniture will grace the area while keeping your taste in mind.

The fab factor

What people throw in the name of scrap or junk was put to good use by designer Jreal. All her designs, which are light in weight and corrosion free, are made purely out of scrap materials collected from scrap yards. Not only are they great home décor options but can be carved into tables, cabinets and book shelves to name a few. Providing comfort, her handmade scrap metal furniture won’t burn a hole in your pocket as well.