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TreeHugger: Zero-emission concept machine fixes storm damages


The modern day heavy machines cause undue soil damage while fixing storm ramifications and doing normal thinning works. Besides, they hurl CO2 emissions to pollute the environment. Just to bring the emissions down and ensure soil protection, a designer conceives a multifunctional machine for forestry work. The multifunctional machine dubbed as TreeHugger can transform into different modes i.e. a Harvester and a Forwarder. The vehicle utilizes an electric- and a gas-engine circuit for powering itself.

treehugger 2

Low weight, transformable wheels glide smoothly to carry out clearing-up operations after storm damages, or regular thinning. The transforming process of a grub into a butterfly inspires the vehicle’s overall design. While being at driving mode, the vehicle symbolizes the grub and its homogenous appearance. Next the vehicle and the trailer undergo a separation process, just as an insect gets out of its cocoon. Finally, the vehicle assumes final position as a butterfly unfolds its wings.




treehugger 1

Thanks for the tip, Christoph Aschaber