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Causes that prevent people from recycling, why they should start doing it

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Our earth has been damaged enough and now we have to try to make amends for what we have done to it. The amount of waste products that we throw or drop into the litter bins just don’t vanish. They have a strong negative impact on our environment. Recycling helps us restore balance in nature and stop wastage. Still many people are not recycling. They are educated and well-off people from good backgrounds but they stay away from recycling as much as they can. Awareness has been spread and the internet and media is doing its job in telling people how necessary or rather vital is recycling. There are some reasons that prevent people from recycling. Understanding these reasons will help in sorting out this problem.



Reasons why people stay away from recycling

  • Lack of Convenience: Our daily life is already hectic and each of us has to juggle many roles and activities every day. Amid so much work and responsibilities managing time for recycling seems to be difficult for many. This is especially so because many of them have to drive a long distance before they can drop the sorted garbage. Sorting itself is strewn with difficulties. Many have little knowledge about the type of things that have to be kept together. For some the way the regular recyclers talk is hard to understand.
  • Space Crisis: Some people just do not want to mess with garbage in their home. Space issue is a problem that people show as the main reason why they are unable to recycle. Many live in apartments on a sharing basis and recycling for them is very difficult.
  • No Money, No Fun: Some people do not want to give any labor for free recycling service. For them doing a part time job instead of sorting garbage in free time is more reasonable.
  • No Big Deal: People also assume that recycling doesn’t really help nature in a substantial way and stay away from it.
  • Tough Job: Lack of proper info makes recycling tough for many.


Reasons why people should recycle

  • Recycling products means that energy wasted in making new products is saved. This way we can save lots of energy easily.
  • Pollution is controlled because waste products are damaging to the nature.
  • Less land is required as a dumping ground of garbage. Less landfill means better environment.