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Chair ONE – A classic chair designed for multipurpose use by all classes

You may have checked out several unique shapes and designs when it came to choosing your household furniture. If you mostly search through such varieties and love picking up the best for yourself, here is something that will definitely appeal your senses. This is a classic yet modern design for Chair ONE that has been created by the talented designer Alexei Mikhailov. This piece of furniture displays a multifunctional design which is simple and elegant with minimal direction of style. The approach was to come out with a modular chair with classic curvature forms. Chair ONE is a good blend of stylish curves and bends with minimal complexity in its structure.

Chair ONE

This chair is just constructed in two parts, out of which one forms the sliding seat of it and the other acts like its backrest. The backrest part has three sections and the seat portion can be slotted into any of these sections. This gives the whole chair a bend at different angles that help support seating in different ways and for anybody. Also, the chair becomes adjustable as a regular dining furniture, as well as a bar or lounge stool. Thus, it is very much comfortable without any additional replacement to be used or without any further parts assembly.

Chair ONE has also been designed to accommodate the materials-related demands of people from all social levels. There is a good range of spectrum of materials that can easily be incorporated into the chair’s design. This is because the design is very simple and has scope for alteration. Generally, mid-level social class asks for environmentally safe and recyclable materials, such as bamboo and biodegradable plastic. But this chair can replace these materials with carbon fiber or polycarbonate when there is a demand from the higher class for luxury materials. Chair ONE still looks so pleasing as it would do with the low-cost green materials.

Via: Behance