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Check out these eco-friendly wallets

by DrPrem Jagyasi


Being eco-friendly is something that we should all strive towards. So, maybe it is time for you to ask yourself how eco-friendly you are currently. If the answer is not very promising, then maybe you should do something about improving yourself. Becoming eco-friendly does not mean that you need to give up on your luxuries or conveniences. Instead, simple modifications, which can prevent further damage to the environment, can be made. One such case can be switching to an eco-friendly wallet.

The things you buy reflect how much you care about the environment. Therefore, you can make a good start by switching to eco-friendly wallets which can serve as a constant reminder that you are committed to this cause. Eco-friendly wallets are typically made of recycled materials, renewable resources and highly durable materials that have a long lifespans. Let us look at some eco-friendly wallets available in the market which you could consider buying to protect the environment.

  • Hemp wallets make the perfect gift for you, a loved one or friends. They are long-lasting, practical and stylish. More importantly, they are eco-friendly and are made of high-yield textile cop which make use of minimal pesticides. Hemp plants can be grown using agricultural practices which do not make carbon imprints. Hemp wallets are highly durable and have extended lifespans.
  • Buying a bamboo wallet is yet another option of being eco-friendly. Bamboo plants grow fast and can be harvested easily every 3 years without causing damage to the plant itself. A wallet made of bamboo is typically free of harmful chemicals and contain anti-microbial properties.
  • Did you know that there is an option of buying stainless steel wallets? Such wallets have long lifespan and do not wear out easily. Ensure that the wallet is made of recycled steel or 100% steel. Stainless steel wallets are also more secure as the steel skin is capable of protecting the RFID-equipped information on your cards which can be stolen wirelessly otherwise.
  • If you are in favour of the good old leather wallet, then you could be eco-friendly by buying wallets made of recycled leather. Recycled leather can be obtained from remains in furniture industry or from old couches and upholstery. With recycled leather, you can even stitch your own wallet, being a little creative.

Now, you have some tips on how you can be eco-friendly starting with changing your wallet to one which contributes positively to the environment. As can be seen, you need not make major changes to your choices. All that is required is some research and checks to ensure that the materials your wallet is made of is eco-friendly. Once you get this wallet, you will be constantly reminded of your attempts and motivations towards doing food for the environment.