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China adopts law supporting its renewable energy industry

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Seems like China, has taken the criticism for obstructing the adoption of a treaty on climate change during last week’s international summit in Copenhagen too seriously. China’s National Assembly recently announced that it has adopted a law supporting its renewable energy industry to reduce its impact on the environment.

According to the new law that is an amendment to one on renewable energy adopted by the National People’s Congress standing committee, electricity grid companies will be given the opportunity to purchase all the power produced by renewable sources. Under the new law that will help the country in cutting down its greenhouse gases emission, the State Council’s energy department, the electricity regulatory agency and the finance departments have been authorized to determine the total amount of renewable energy available in the country’s overall power generating capacity.

China will see to it that all of the capacity will be provided to various power companies throughout the country. In case, if some company refuses to take up the green energy it will be fined an amount up to double that of the economic loss of the renewable energy company. This new strict law might change things for China.

Via: Physorg