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China: ‘Head-Banging’ Snake-Assisted earthquake prediction system designed!

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Witness the brilliant combination of natural instinct and modern technology, China has come up with! Two days after two quakes struck off neighboring Taiwan, China has come up with an earthquake prediction system. This is not like any conventional system. This new system relies on the behavior of snakes to make the earthquake predictions!

As reported in the China Daily newspaper, the ‘natural instinct dependent’ system is developed by the earthquake bureau in Nanning — capital of the Guangxi autonomous region in southern China.

Besides providing a popular restaurant winter dish there, snakes can sense an earthquake from 120 km (70 miles) away! And that too, 3 to 5 days before it happens! Their respond to forthcoming earthquake — by behaving strangely – is used as a key to help the new system predict earthquake.

The Nanning’s earthquake bureau director Jiang Weisong said,

Of all the creatures on Earth, snakes are perhaps the most sensitive to earthquakes. When an earthquake is about to occur, snakes will move out of their nests, even in the cold of winter. If the earthquake is a big one, the snakes will even smash into walls while trying to escape.