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China’s one legged artist creates amazing chalk paintings

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Loosing one leg would mean sitting back at home and depending on others for a few, but not for this courageous, talented chalk artist. China-based artist Cong Langui creates amazing chalk artworks not just in his town, but the entire country. The 48-year old artist creates replicas of world-renowned artworks every single day. He makes chalk masterpieces on city streets and makes enough money to travel to other places to exhibit his talent.

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Cong lost his left leg to cancer when he was just 16, but he did not let that unfortunate incidence break him down. Instead, he made the brutal blow his way to impressive art. He has drawn Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” more than 300 times. In order to improve his level of chalk drawing, he makes sure to visit the art museum of every city he traveles to. After the devastating earthquake struck Sichuan, Cong Langui requested people to donate the money they would give to for his street art to the Hubei Red Cross. Its not only his amazing masterpieces, but also his noble act that make him stand out.

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Via: OddityCentral