Chlorella genome comes out as a promising genus for biofuel production

chlorella genome 2

In recent times, algae have shown great potential in biofuel production. Keeping this fact in mind, the Laboratoire Information Genomique et Structurale of CNRS, France has performed the analysis of the complete genome of Chlorella microalgae. The successfully completed detailed analysis of the Chlorella genome, a promising genus for biofuel production has brought many unexpected findings to light. The study predicts 9,791 protein genes that could significantly help to further rationalize the use of Chlorella in various industrial processes.

chlorella genome 1

The analysis of the Chlorella genome has also revealed that at Chlorella could have a sexual cycle. In addition, the Guillaume Blanc coordinated research also claims that a virus gave Chlorella the capacity to synthesize chitin-rich cell walls, a unique property in algae. These new findings could help in efficient biofuel production at relatively lower costs.

Via: Physorg

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