Choosing an Eco-friendly Mattress That’s Best For Your Body


Mattresses not only come in various sizes but for different body types too. Some people have an average weight and a normal mattress can give them the comfort that they need. However, the same mattress may not be comfortable for others, especially people who are on the heavier side.

When we say heavy, we do not really mean obese. The fact is that mattresses can handle a specific amount of weight, for example say 80KG, so anyone heavier than that may cause the mattress to lose its quality.

It is essential to choose a mattress according to your weight and the type of body that you have. Some mattresses are exclusively manufactured for people who suffer from spinal issues or have back ache issues. Such mattresses are known to provide a nice and a firm grip on all the pressure points and provide them with a great sleep.

Let’s look at some of the mattresses that are right for your body:

Memory Foam MattressEco-friendly-Mattress

This mattress is composed of different densities to best suit the need of your body, especially when it comes to contouring your body. It’s is considered to be one of the top mattresses used today due to its durability and the level of comfort it provides.

Suitable For

People who have back issues or who suffer from muscle pain and fatigue should go for this mattress. This is because it tends to remain warm throughout the night and works on the pressure points in the back, including the spine. However, keep in mind that this mattress can become a bit of a problem during summers and may get overheated. Other than that, it is the right mattress for people who want to eliminate stress and fatigue from their bodies.

Innerspring Mattress

Mattresses made up of steel coiled system are innerspring mattresses. These are one of the most used mattresses in the U.S. This mattress contains several steel coils (around 300 to 1000) that are cushioned with insulation. The softness of these mattresses relies upon how thick they are and what kind of cushioning is used. Make sure you go for one that has a higher gauge (thickness) to get a firm and soft feeling when you rest on it.

Suitable For

Innersprings are suitable for almost everyone, except overweight people because the spring system can make it daunting for overweight people to get in and out with ease.

Latex Mattress


They are made up of rubber to provide a cozy feeling when you lie on it. You can check out this website to know more about latex mattresses as they are among the most famous mattresses out there.

Suitable For

This mattress is good for people who are both overweight, average weight and lower than that. Apart from that, people with back pain should go for this mattress because it can align the spine in the right way and reduce pain.

Air Mattress

They are made of mechanical chambers that can be adjusted as per your requirements.

Suitable For

When it comes to couples sleeping in one bed, they can have different preferences. Here, air mattresses can help them out. Air mattresses are adjustable from both sides. You can make one side firmer than the other and vice versa.


Consider all options and buy a mattress that works for your body and gets you a comfortable and a pleasant sleep.

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