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Make your Christmas special in your own unique way

Christmas is all about celebrations and being merry. However, seldom do we realize that many of our activities during the festive season have bad effects on our environment. We must take care of our environment while having fun. Here, you are looking at a fantastic example of an eco-friendly Christmas tree made in just a few hours.

10-Foot Christmas Trees

The designer has made two such beautiful 10-feet tall trees. Scrap wood has been used to make the trees. The designer collected all the waste wood lying around and painted them with green color. They were assembled together and fixed according to their sizes so as to give them the shape of a Christmas tree. Nails were used to join all the planks of wood. When the tree was complete, it was decorated with small lights that glowed in the dark to light up the area with Christmas fun. These trees do not cost anything, but they look pretty and, above all, are harmless to the surrounding.

The making of these trees was a great holiday craft and they are just perfect for the festival. Each one of us should think of something different and smart that not only adds fun to our lives, but also has a positive effect on the environment. Do you think there will be any better time to start caring our planet than Christmas? So, think about it today, make your Christmas green and enjoy a healthier environment.

Via: Re-nest

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