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Citroën Samadhi Concept: Liquid hydrogen-powered luxury envisioned for 2050

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Conceptualized for the year 2050, the “Citroën Samadhi” is a car concept that promises luxury and comfort of your lavish home, while paying its share to the environment. The futuristic luxury sedan is powered by liquid hydrogen placed in a hydrogen tank located between the interior and the trunk. Merging in perfect sync with its name the Samadhi, which means equilibrium of mind, body and soul, this eco-friendly vehicle offers all the comfort of the world.

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Since Gurmukh Sagoo is targeting it to families, the Citroën Samadhi offers a spacious, comfortable and flexible interior, which gives the passengers the feeling of enjoying the luxury of their living space. The steering is inspired by a Maurice Lacroix timepiece and is split into three levels: the steering itself, the rev-counter and the “chronograph” dial. If the passengers are in a mood for a conversion, all they have to do is rotate their seat, turning the cabin into a social environment.

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The mood lighting source is incorporated to create a comforting environment, while all buttons are replaced by heat sensitive touch screen displays, making it easy to control the many functions. The three handle system allows the user to exit the vehicle, irrespective of the way the seat is facing. The exterior design of the car ditches the Citroen’s current design language, and uses the old Citroen DS as its inspiration. It sports a large wheelbase, sectional body side and dropping DLO. The advanced autonomous driving system frees the driver from his job and lets him relax or check out his favorite stuff on the web.

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