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Clean, green ways to heat your home

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Green living is the best a man can do, as it has so many benefits. It is beneficial for the one who opts green living, for the environment, and for the future generations. If we do not opt for green living today then we will have to suffer shortcomings in the future. Well, majority of people have understood this fact and now they readily accept the green and the eco-friendly ways of life. This article intends to enlighten you all as to how you can make your homes warm in an eco-friendly way, which will benefit you and the environment altogether.

Make use of solar energy

Woman and the solar panel

Heating appliances work on electricity, so make use of the solar energy, turn it into electricity and heat your home the green way. If you have your home in an area that gets plenty of sunshine then this plan is superb for you. The initial installment of solar panels and the entire system is a bit pricey but if you take into consideration the later and the life-long benefits of a solar panel, you would not find the installment price that expensive.

Open curtains during the day

layered curtains

You should open the drapes, especially of the north facing windows to let maximum sunshine in. Doing so would make your home naturally warm, and when the sun goes down close the drapes. Ensure that the drapes have thick and heavy insulation. Drawing curtains in the evening helps lock arm air inside for long.

Rearrange beds and couches

Bedroom DECOR_2

You would feel much less cold if your bed or couch is not placed directly against an external wall. External wall that is not insulated let pass cold inside, and if your bed is placed against such a wall, you can imagine how cold your bed can get. You can place a bookrack against the wall and the place your bed, you would see a great difference in the bed temperature.


window seat  (5)

The placement, size, and type of windows in a home also govern the degree of heat retention and heat loss from a home. You can get some help of green architectures and design the placement and the size of the window accordingly. In some countries, government grants subsidy to people who decide to dismantle their old windows and make new green windows.



Yet another green technology that heats up home in a clean and eco-friendly way. As compared to oil and gas, biofuel burns the cleaner way because it produces very less emissions. Biofuel is a renewable energy source that is efficient and green.


insulation of a home

Proper insulation of a home is a key to major savings in energy costs. There are several options available when it comes to green insulation of homes. You can put waste materials to use and create solid insulation linings that prevent heat loss and do not let cold enter inside. One example is to use your old jeans to make denim insulation, as denim has great insulating properties.

Check all leaks and holes in your home

Checking air leaks

Sometimes people keep complaining that their house does not turn warm even after using heating appliances for long. The holes and leaks are the major reasons that let warm air escape out and allow the cold outside enter in. One should do a complete investigation to find all holes and gaps in the home. You could burn a candle and take it to every corner of your home; spots where you find maximum turbulence in flame are the ones with problem. You could solve this problem by caulking and weather stripping such areas.

There no need to increase your electricity bill to make your house warm when there are so many options you could use to make your home warm the green way.