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Climate Change Imperils World Fish Stocks And Thus The Poor Countries: WWF

dead fish

With climate change warning several marine lives and coral reefs, keeping aside the cataclysms it can create on land and its habitats, how can it spare fish stocks! The fish stocks already under pressure from over-fishing, pollution and habitat loss, is now also being threatened by climate change, the environmentalist group WWF warned. But, how can fish devastation effect humans and their survival? We all know that fish is rich source of protein and poorer countries majorly rely on it for the component of diet. The WWF said in a report that its decline in numbers would hit the poorer countries hardest. Higher temperatures reduce oxygen levels, stunt growth, reduce food supplies and can force fish to seek cooler waters to which they may not be as well adapted, WWF added.

Temperatures have risen by 0.7 of a degree since the industrial revolution, but some scientists forecast they could climb by 1.4-5.8 degrees this century. The WWF urged a coming United Nations meeting in Montreal, Canada, from November 28-December 9 to set tougher targets for reducing greenhouse gases from power plants, factories and cars, which many scientists say are driving up temperatures worldwide. it was vital to hold any rise in global temperature to below 2 degrees Centigrade, considered the trigger level for dramatic climatic and environmental changes, the WWF said.

Via: Reuters