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Climate change risking animals out of hibernation prematurely!


Global warming is doing much more than what is expected. It is making animals lose weight and causing them stress. But how? Climate change is pulling animals out of their hibernation prematurely leading to much weaknesses and stress, according to Italian scientists.

With the rising temperatures of the Earth, the years are facing spring-like temperatures earlier than their normal on-set periods. And such abnormalities of seasonal onsets are waking up animals sooner. This in turn is putting their feeding and breeding habits out of condition with the environment.

Dormice, named after the Anglo-Norman word ‘dormeus’ means sleepy one, now hibernate five-and-half weeks less on average compared to what they did 20 years ago. Marmots remaining restless in their burrows get 38 days less sleep than what it used to before! — research found.

The research has also found that the breeding cycles of birds, reptiles, turtles and rodents have also undergone a change and the process is still continuing.

Via: The Guardian