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Clip Chair and Clamp Table are high on style and simple in design

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Chairs and tables form an important part of all places. But with the ‘Go Green’ slogan spreading like wildfire, extra efforts are being made to make furniture pieces in an environment friendly manner. Designers are taking extra steps to consciously befriend the surroundings. Sebastian Herkner and Jorre van Ast have designed eco-friendly furniture items christened the Clip Chair and Clamp Table.

The chair as well as the table which is uncomplicated on the functionality graph as well as loaded with green features was showcased at the Salone de Mobile in Milan that took place this year. Both the chair and the table have been designed in a simple manner and come with very clean cuts. The façade is quite smooth and eye-appealing and has been made out of wood.

The Clip Chair is quite sturdy with a backrest that has been curved slightly for added comfort. The designing overall is sophisticated and colorful coverings when added on the seating area as well as the backrest, instantly makes it look vibrant. A distinct feature is that the chair comes with attachment pieces/components that are in contrast with the wooden elements used.

The flat-pack Clamp Table comes with legs that have plain metal clamps attached on them. These legs can be fixed on a table top and can be used anywhere. The flat-pack Clamp Table comes with a flexibility to be mixed and matched with any table top or flat surface. This will within no time swap a simple looking surface into a purposeful workstation.

Both the Clip Chair and Clamp Table yell the ‘Go Green’ slogan loudly. So get this deadly combo and become a nature lover instantly!

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