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Coca-Cola’s ‘Pop-Up’ green initiative

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Global warming. Green House effects. Environmental sustainability. Renewable energy. Climate change. We have all heard these terminologies umpteen times in our lives, but hardly have tried to dig deep into their meanings or its significance. The reason – we believe that these things do not affect us directly in any way, and therefore are not worth paying attention to. But we are failing to read between the lines, and ignoring the catastrophic consequences of our reckless acts that are slowly and steadily changing the cycle of the nature.

However, like a silver lining in the cloud, Promarket, the marketing agency for Coca-Cola, Israel has come up with a brilliant idea to create and spread awareness amongst people about the lurking danger and how to deal with it in the most environment friendly manner. The agency’s objective, as a retail tie-in to Coca-Cola Israel’s ‘Give It Back’ campaign, is to educate the public about the benefits of recycling.

During the Passover holiday, in a central location in Tel Aviv, Promarket launched a unique Pop-Up store for recycled products. Visitors are encouraged to bring empty Coca-Cola cans and bottles to the store where they are shown the process that these discarded items undergo, and the several options for repurposing them.

The store serves the dual purpose of being an eye opener for those ignorant of the climate change, and also a source of revenue for the Company. The pop-store is not just a viewing gallery. There is also a whole lot of merchandise on sale. You can buy shirts, hats, accessories, handbags and furniture – all made from recycled Coca-Cola bottles and cans. How cool!!

Here’s more. The store also features information stations and an exhibit of the artists who contributed to the limited-edition collection of design, furniture and fashion pieces.

This truly innovative global warming awareness campaign by Coca-Cola does not only preach but also reach to the masses. Thanks to its inclusive as well as interactive modus operandi. Well, after reading this, all those against consuming aerated drinks, might want to reconsider their stand, at least for the sake of the environment they live amidst.

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