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Colossal miniature: The cork colosseum

Ciro Califano is an artist who always likes to dream big. Growing up in a little Italian countryside, he was obsessed with the idea of leaving a giant mark in the world of art. He got his big break late into his fatherhood when his sons started a restaurant, Cantina del Vescovo, which began to accumulate hundreds and thousands of wine bottle corks. Being easy to work with, the corks gave Ciro the opportunity to try out all his sculpting skills and before he knew it, he had made the great Colosseum in Rome!

Miniature Colosseum from 10,000 Corks by Ciro Califano

The Colosseum is a two-tiered amphitheater in Rome that has a difficult design to replicate because of the decay and collapse of many parts of the monument. And yet, the passionate artist chose it to be his masterpiece. He made use of more than 10,000 corks and worked for over two years to complete this piece of art. The process of sculpting itself was preceded by months of careful study of the monument.

And that care and detailed study have shown results. The sculpture is rich in the finer details of the building. And all of them were created with rulers, knives, glue and a host of other tools that the artist custom uses. This has indeed been a colossal and monumental achievement for him, a culmination of years of designing and sculpting smaller buildings, structures and monuments.

As he himself states, his task is to revive the antiquity and flavor of the times gone by so that the culture remains forever.

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