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Comfortable lounge chair salvaged out of wine barrels


Picture this: A comfortable Lounge Chair and you’re reclining in it, with a glass of wine in your hand, gentle breeze flowing through the door and soft music playing in the background. Does the thought have the juices flowing? Well, then I can say the idea was just that. Comfort was never more elegant. If you feel you deserve the best, then bring home the Tannin Lounger by Australian Designer Kieran Ball. Hailing from Adelaide in Australia, the designer has crafted this chair right out of a barrel. Yes, you read that correct. The wine barrels are surely coming to prove their worth as a side product these days.


The chair has been made keeping in mind the ultimate comfort possibilities of the user. By fusing the wine barrel staves onto a metallic frame, the recliner has been made in the form of your back, arching at the right positions, providing you that extra edge over other straight backed recliners.

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Via: TheAlternativeConsumer