Common ways human beings affect the global environment

The interaction between nature and humans are the prime reason behind so much global pollution. Without the help of nature we cannot survive yet due to our existence the nature is facing survival threats of several kinds. From food and beverages to clothes and jobs, everything depends on the nature. Mutual dependence between the Mother Nature and human race is required for global well being. Human activities have corrupted, demolished and eroded the environment. To prevent further damages you need to understand the relationship between humans and the nature. A clear understanding of the ways in which human race has caused damage to the environment will help you take necessary measures to undo the damage.


Filling up the land with dirt

We create garbage every day. Domestic, agricultural and industrial wastage are the main reason of environmental pollution. Every day we empty the household garbage into the garbage bins or dust bins. This garbage is carried away to far away acres of lands. The high rates of landfill are a cause of fear. When left alone the toxin substances from garbage mingles with the environment and corrupts it. The non-biodegradable substances are the most harmful in nature. Buying plastic products and disinterest in recycling causes land pollution and wastage.

Polluting the air

Humans are responsible for air pollution. The use of fossil fuels for running vehicles and the production of industrial products lets out toxic gases into the environment. Green House gases and CFCs have raised the global temperature and brought atmospheric and climatic changes. Air pollution causes asthma, allergies and even lung cancer.

Water pollution

The reckless human activities have polluted the drinkable and saline water resources of the world. Water pollution is responsible for ecological imbalance and it threatens the aquatic flora and fauna greatly. When toxic substances get mixed with river or pond water it can cause mass diseases. Power plants and domestic wastes are both responsible for high levels of water pollution.

Hope in the storm

The Ozone Layer Holes

Ozone layer is very important part of earth’s atmosphere. Due to the production of CFC gases, in the human industries, the ozone layer has been ruptured. The harmful ultra violet rays from the sun are coming to the earth through these holes. Ultra violet rays can cause atrophy and skin cancer. Due to the pollution and damage human activities have incurred many flora and fauna species have become extinct.

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