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What’s next: Compact electric cars for future urbanities

Compact electric cars

As we know it

Electric cars are gaining popularity and people are opting for greener rides to keep the environment clean and green. The coupe is propelled by electric motors and makes good use of electric energy that is stored inside its batteries instead of gas. Automobile companies are coming up with electric rides that are zero emission rides and don’t gulp down liquid gold. Electric cars have a lot of benefits when compared with traditional rides. The best part is that these electric cars bring down air pollution and also has reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Need for change

The environment is getting affected by the alarming rates of pollution, which has already led to a lot of complexities. Gas-guzzling beasts add a lot of harmful elements to the beautiful surroundings as well as consume precious resources, which are depleting at a fast pace. Shortage of space leads to accidents on roads and people also have a trouble parking cars. Compact rides ensure easy riding as well as save space. The introduction of compact electric cars will tackle major ongoing problems that people face in the modern world. If we keep consuming fuel at such a pace this will lead to its shortage in no time. The same fear has forced automakers to come up rides that use alternate methods to roll on the roads. Adopting compact electric rides will save both save and the environment.

What’s Next?

1. Nissan New Ultra-Compact Electric Vehicle Concept

Nissan New Ultra-Compact Electric Vehicle Concept

What’s new

Here is a car by Nissan that will be a perfect fit for those who environment lovers. Nissan New Ultra-Compact Electric Vehicle Concept looks like a golf cart but works like a car. It is easy to ride and won’t harm the environment in any sense. The clean and green vehicle can carry two people and is easy to drive. The car has great maneuverability and feels like a riding a bike but with much more safety and green features.

What difference will it make

Nissan New Ultra-Compact Electric Vehicle Concept is perfect for in city drives and will attract people with its charm. One can easily use it for going to office or even running all kinds of errands. The electric coupe can also be exploited as a great form of public transportation that too without adding harmful gases to the atmosphere besides using it as a private vehicle. It will also save parking space, thanks to its compact size.


One major hitch is that you can’t go for road trips on this electric driven vehicle. Riding with family and friends will take a backseat since it can be used by just two people for commuting.

2. Seat Flexus concept electric car

Seat Flexus concept electric car

What’s new

Seat Flexus concept electric car is a 100% zero emission ride that vows to keep the environment away from pollution. The concept comes powered by an electric engine and has been blessed with good looks. The brilliant concept is a brainchild of Raphael Morais and looks every inch a sinner. It will roll on next-generation Tweels instead of air-filled tires, which will reduce the maintenance cost of the car.

What difference will it make

The user-friendly, ultra-compact car will smoothly sail on roads without consuming much space. Spending a bomb on maintenance will take a back seat and in turn save a lot of money. The tires will never go flat which means it will keep rolling as long as it is charged. It also has a back boot and can easily accommodate four people.


Seat Flexus can’t touch high speeds so will never impress speed lovers. It will need to charged regularly and if the car runs out of charge hunting for a socket may cause some trouble.

3. Smart Electric Drive compact car

Smart Electric Drive compact car

What’s new

If you are hell bent to save the environment from the clutches of deterioration then the Electric Drive will leave you impressed. The smart compact car is extremely safe and also a zero emission ride. The battery has been nicely concealed below the cargo space, while the fuel tank has been swapped by the charging system of the green car.

What difference will it make

The electric car has a range of 83 miles, which will make it possible to drive in nearby areas without the fear of running out of charge. One can easily charge it via 110V or 220V outlet and keep it in a driving mode. It has been crafted using high strength micro alloy steel which will keep the occupants safe inside in case of some mishappening.


Long distance travel won’t be possible in case of Electric Drive compact car.