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Comparing the new age vehicles based on their eco quotient and chances of accident

by DrPrem Jagyasi

A green vehicle, or environmentally-friendly vehicle or eco-friendly vehicle is a road vehicle that doesn’t give off any harmful emissions into the environment when compared to conventional internal combustion engine vehicles that run on gasoline or diesel. Currently, in several countries, these vehicles conform to the level of strict European emission standards (e. g. Euro 6) or California’s zero emissions standards (such as ULEV, ZEV, PZEV, SULEV), or the low-carbon fuel standards ratified in numerous countries.

Gas prices
 hybrid car

With gas prices being in a continuous state of flux, fuel economy remains the top concern for those shoppers who are currently looking for new-cars. As more and more hybrid cars and electric vehicles (EVs) enter the market, buying a car is now more complicated than ever before. Additionally, compact gasoline-powered cars and small diesel cars have grown over a few years, adding even more options to the list of valid green vehicles.

Green vehicle reviews 

Many auto themed websites publish comprehensive reviews on green vehicles, aside from interesting stories for those concerned about fuel economy, hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, and CO2 emissions. 

Car accident log


But these new eco-autos don’t stop you from having accidents when driving that new car you just bought. Hopefully you have full-cover insurance on the car if it meets with an accident. To make sure that your insurance does cover your car in an accident, you need to gather important information while at the scene of the accident. This is the reason why one needs car accident log sheet.

Involved in accidents 

If you are involved in an accident, a log sheet will be helpful to you to recall the types of information you’ll need to write about the incident while still at the scene. So along with insurance information in your car, it is important that you download this accident log and pamphlet and store them in the glove compartment of your new eco-friendly vehicle with a spare pen. To download the accident information log, click here.

Information on Accident log 

This Accident Log could be the key to proving liability and finding insurance coverage options after a road accident.

Other persons driving car

 Other persons driving car

Let us hope that you will never need to use an Accident Log sheet; but if you do, be assured that you will be organized and won’t forget to gather all the information you need. Also if one of your children has borrowed the car and has a fender bender at the local burger joint, they will have the sheet to help them get the information for your insurance agent. This is necessary for your insurance to pay for damages to either vehicle.

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