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How to make a compost bin using recycled wood pallets

Compost Bin

It is always great if you can make a compost bin in your backyard so that your garden soil can become productive and healthy. In order to make you’re your garden soil rich and productive you can always compost the food waste. You cannot compost your food waste just like that and, for that what is essential is a suitable compost bin. You need to utilize little bit of your personal energy and, with the breakdown of your kitchen scrap within no time; you are going to give your kitchen soil the best and productive fertilizer.

Most of you may be new to this version of compost bin as you are much flexible with the expensive plastic compost containers that are available in the market. But, nothing can be great if you can make compost bin with recycled wood pallets by your own, that too in a very minimum expenditure! If you are looking forward to create it by your own, this article is there to help you out. Get detailed information on how you can make compost bin with the help of recycled wood pallets!

Complexity level: Moderate

Estimated time: 2-3 hour

Estimated cost: $10-$15

Resource required:

4 pallets

4 large brackets

2 strap hinges

Screws (that can attached the hardware)

1 latch

14 gauge wire


1. Construct the layout

To plan the layout you will need 4 pallets. You can also plan for slant compost bin especially if you want to catch “tea” in it. But in this story you are going to make the easier version of compost bin with three walls and one door. The bin will be narrow and also you can have 2×4 sides so that you can attach the hinges.

2. Bind the pallets

Cut the wire to 18 inch or to a workable length. Now strap back and sides of the pallets together with the help of the wire. Twist it tightly but make sure you are not overdoing it as this may break the wire. The wires should be that long so that the wire’s twisted on each end should be plenty.

3. Hammer the pallets into the ground

In the hinge side of the bin, include landscape pole. Since the pallets are heavy, the hinge side of the bin should be supported. With the help of a hammer, 12 inches of the pallets are hammered into the ground.

4. Include hardware to the compost bin and prepare the compost bin door

After the pallets are tied together, you need to add the hinges. Bye little better quality hinges for adding it to the pallets of compost bin. Use leftover scrap from the landscaping pole for making spacer and attach this spacer to the bottom with the help of skewers. You will have to do it just before fixing door to the bin. This spacer will help the compost bin by providing some ventilation.

5. Fix latch and heavy plastic to the bin door

You are almost done with your compost bin construction! All you need to do is fix a latch to the compost door and also cover some part of the compost bin with heavy plastic as it is important to keep some moisture inside the bin. With good heat and moisture, you can always maintain your compost bin.

Quick Tips

1. You can get free pallets in nearby warehouse or supermarkets. Most of the time the warehouse throw this pallets and they will be happy to provide you recycled pallets just free of cost.

2. Do not use meat products for composting as these can attract unwanted insects and critters.

3. Always use two part of carbon and one part of nitrogen. Too much of nitrogen can support your compost to smell bad.

4. Sawdust and grass can be used as a neutralizer.

Things to be watch for:

1. As you will be using different type of hardware tools, be careful or you may hurt yourself.

2. If your compost has too much of bad smell you can add some dry leaves to it as it neutralize the smell.