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Construction Specialties Acrovyn 4000

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The all new Acrovyn 4000 from Construction Specialties Inc. is a product, or rather a material that quite simply re-defines the boundaries to eco-friendly construction materials as of today.

The product is completely free of PVC and BPA and is made from a polyester compound, which provides it with the necessary strength and at the same time the correct amount of aestheticism and cleanability.

The product is resistant to all types of fungus and corrosions. It is available in quite a few patterns and can be used to create many types of other products from hand rails to doors. It has a UL Class 1 fire rating, making it full-proof against fire and other elements. In short, this is the material that should be in your house, should you want to be safe and green at the same time.