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Continents Are Shifting West By The Moon: Scientists

moon is dragging continent west

It may not happen that soon – But, may be after passing down the information through a few generations, one will — living in Washington, D.C – ultimately find him about where San Francisco is now! Dragged by the same lunar forces that produce tides, Earth’s surface may be slipping slowly westward, according to a recent study.

The vast plates, the Earth’s crust is divided into slowly shift, and while doing so produce earthquakes, mountains, and rifts where they collide or separate. Most earth scientists believe this movement to be the result of rising and falling currents of magma deep below the surface. According to Carlo Doglioni of the earth science department at Rome’s La Sapienza University, the planet’s plates are sedately sliding toward the sunset, in addition to being jostled every which way from below.

Via: National Geographic News