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Contrabajo Mueble home bar cabinet comes diguised as contrabass

Contrabajo Mueble Bar 1

Who doesn’t like music with drinks? If you’re a jazz fan, then surely you would love a musical instrument inside your house, from which you can take a drink. The new portative bar can be placed anywhere and is designed like a contrabass. The original model is known as the Contrabajo Mueble Bar by Portobello Street.

Contrabajo Mueble Bar 4

The chic and modernistic form of having a bar in your home is now in your hands. This contrabass opens up like a cabinet and is easy to store your glasses and drinks turning it into a bar. This product is made of natural wood and has a nontoxic wooden finished look. It is available in numerous hues. You come back from work tired and exhausted; you want a break, open up your elegant cabinet and make your drink to ease your troubles.

This classical instrument can now be yours, to suit your pleasures of drinking, while working, or sitting in the living room. The contrabass can be stored at any convenient place as it has a stand to hold it up right. Surely your evening party could be made more interesting with the help of this product, as it would not be expected that the contrabass opens into a bar cabinet.

Contrabajo Mueble Bar 2

This wonderful musical item can hold your wines, whiskies, brandies and any other liquor of your choice for ages. It can serve as a classic bar, home bar cabinet and a potential storage area. It is a great piece to keep for the members of the house and as a show piece. Gifting it to a music lover who also drinks is the best thing you could do beyond imagination.

Source: Digsdigs