Cool and creative pieces recycled from ice cream containers

We often receive so many things packed in plastic containers that you can reuse, of course, after some modifications. It is always a good idea to allow our creative juices to take a centre stage and make something useful out of waste. In summers we all eat lots of ice cream, that often comes packed in plastic containers. Instead of throwing them away, why not make something useful out of them. You can all use your creative ideas and think of something that can be useful to you. You can even encourage your children to make something pretty and useful out of these containers. This will keep them busy, and at the same time teach them an important lesson about recycling waste. Here are some tips to start with.


Pen, pencil holder out of recycled plastic container 

Wash the container thoroughly and let it dry. Take a nice wrapping paper, or some other fabric, and cut it so that it can cover the sides of the container. Use tape or glue to stick it neatly to the outside walls of the container. You can use decorative stickers, or even cut small shapes out of paper or fabric of some other colour, (maybe shape of flower or animal), and decorate this container. Use your imagination and decorate it. Now this beautiful container is ready for use.


Small pots for growing plants

 You can use these containers as seed start containers. After thoroughly cleaning and drying the container, fill it with soil. Put in some seeds, and keep the container moist, and in warm environment. Your seeds will sprout after some days. You can transfer the saplings to bigger pots. You can even plant some herbs in these pots and make a small kitchen garden. You can paint the outside walls of these containers with acrylic paint to make them look beautiful.


Small baskets out of ice-cream containers 

Take a round ice cream tub, wash it and let it dry. Cut strips of paper, foil, or some other sturdy waste material and weave them around the container to give it a look of small basket.  It can be used to store knick-knacks.

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