Cool business ideas to start from your eco-friendly home

Entrepreneurs are an important and essential part of the modern socio-economic structure. They can help in empowering a major part of the backward sections of the society and spread awareness. Several eco-conscious people have started green businesses from their home. This way they are helping other people in earning wages without polluting their surroundings.

 Eco-friendly landscaping consultant

For starting an eco-friendly business, you don’t need too much space or resources. You can run a green business from your home as well, especially if your home is green, thus being a testament to your skill. You can spread awareness about the importance of renewable energy and water conservation, and at the same time earn money. There is no dearth of business opportunities, and your creativity and skill are the limit. In the following, you will find some of the best business ideas that you can utilize from your green home.

Eco-friendly landscaping consultant

Have you toiled to make your home’s garden an eco-friendly one? If the answer is ‘yes’ then you should use your experience in helping other homeowners in using green techniques for landscaping their gardens. Too much chemical fertilizer and the use of excess water can be harmful for the garden and the ecology. You can teach people how to take care of the garden by implementing green landscaping ideas.

Recycled clothes and accessories

If you have a passion for designing and recycling, then combine these passions and create your own line of recycled accessories. You can use pieces of old wood, stones, and beads for making splendid jewelry and stitch new clothes or bags by using old clothes and dresses. Patchwork bags and dresses look shabby chic and they have a good chance of becoming popular.

 Farmers market vendor

Farmers market vendor

If there is sufficient space around your home, then extend your kitchen garden and utilize your passion for organic foods. You can produce organic fruits and veggies in your own garden and then sell them at the local farmer’s market. You can also run the business from home and ask people to visit the organic farming garden for buying food products.

Repairing bicycles

Bicycles are one of the most eco-friendly transports available at a relatively cheap price. If you are good at repairing cars and cycles, then open a bicycle repair shop at home and encourage people in your neighborhood to use bicycles. Bicycling is not just eco-friendly but it is also an excellent cardio exercise.

Green housecleaning services

As more homeowners are now interested in green living, you can offer green housecleaning services in your neighborhood and establish yourself as an expert. Enhance your knowledge about eco-friendly cleaning methods and then do some practical exercise at your own home before starting the business.

 Re-purposed furniture making

Re-purposed furniture making

Wooden and copper furniture look really good as they age. This aged and ancient look cannot be created by the use of chemicals or other artificial means. There are some people love to buy repurposed furniture. You can make new furniture from old and worn materials and make them look unique. Surely, such furniture items will get great response from the buyers.

Sustainable event planner

Another great job for devoted eco-lovers is planning and organizing sustainable events. This business will enable you to keep your local environment cleaner and earn money at the same time. Only creative people with good knowledge about eco-friendly practices should try to engage in this business. You will have to make sure that the decoration used in the parties is eco-friendly in nature and energy is not wasted.


There are a great lot of business opportunities around for the eco-lovers. You can run such businesses from your home without much resources. Your own skill and knowledge of keeping the environment clean will be your greatest asset.

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