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Coolest green technologies making a mark this year

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Here is this article we have brought for you all the latest and the most exciting green technologies unveiled in the year 2015. As of now, green technology has helped a lot to make this planet a better place to live, and we hope these latest gadgets and technologies help to make the planet even better.



Old electronics ending up in landfill sites is a major and a very disturbing problem many nations face, as people fail to realize the harmful effects of the discarded electronics on the environment and do not even thing once before throwing them in the trash. This ecoATM has come as a ray of hope that will make people realize their mistake and would no more trash their old electronics just about anywhere but submit them in the ecoATM.

It is a machine that has a very noble aim and purpose of stopping people from a crime like mistake that they do, and whenever somebody submits an electronic device in the ecoATM, he or she gets some hard cash in return that works as a motivation.

Smart scooter

smart escooter / Smart Elektroroller

Especially designed to meet the challenges of expanding cities, the Smart Scooter is being marketed as the world’s first smart scooter. It is a green technology because it has zero emission record, is electric powered. One of the best and the most catchy feature of Smart

Scooter is its battery swapping infrastructure, which means people would not have to wait for its battery to charge but simply reverse the batteries at any of the GoStation. It is equipped with 30 onboard sensors, cloud connectivity and an integrated mobile application that enables the Smart Scooter to find the closest GoStation at the earliest and without any difficulty.



Such a superb technology Automatic is, as it lets you harness your car’s computer power for the sake of fuel efficiency. There is a diagnostic port in cars between the dashboard and the brake pedal, plug this small device there and the Automatic connects the car’s computer system to your Smartphone. You can see every data of your car ranging from the gas tank to the engine in the accompanying smartphone app.

This technology helps you to enjoy a safe ride and to maintain your car’s health, as it lets you know on your Smartphone any trouble in your car beforehand so that it does not turn into a major problem. Not just the Automatic notifies you about troubles in your car but it also sends you a notification whenever it feels you are not driving right, thus, helping you to stick to proper and safe driving pattern.

Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine

Misfit is a fitness and lifestyle company that recently announced its extremely happening and helpful gadget – the Swarovski Shine. It is a fitness tracker and a sleep tracker but this is not what is making it popular, rather it is its shiny and glittering appearance. This fitness wearable company has introduced in a number of crystals but only the one with blue crystals is the one that is powered by solar energy. Other crystals are unable to attract as much sunlight as the blue crystals do, so the company could make only blue crystal Misfit Shine the green gadget.

Solpro’s Helios Smart

Solpro’s Helios Smart

Helios Smart is a solar powered pocket sized rectangle phone charging device. When you unfold it, it reveals three solar panels that take 90 minutes to absorb enough sunlight that could easily charge a standard Smartphone’s battery. It seems to be an ideal option for the ones experiencing off the grid living or for the ones who are like always on the go.

A new year brings with it a collection of life changing green technologies. They change our live for good and help us all do our own bit to sustain the environment, which works in favor of the survival of human life on planet earth.

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