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Seven coolest reusable bags from Etsy

Coolest reusable bags

It is becoming more important each day to reduce our individual carbon footprint as our personal impact on the planet is increasing and not for the better. With so many adverse effects it is time to wake up and take action. And what better way to begin than by reducing the use of plastic? More and more people are now aware of how useful environment friendly bags are. They’re far more durable than plastic and look trendy too. Environment friendly no longer means boring. You don’t have to carry an old lifeless canvas tote bag with you to the super market. Rather, you can pick up different eco friendly bags which are now available in some great prints and designs.

Here is a list of some quality earth-friendly eco bags from Etsy to choose from which will help you make a fun stylish eco statement. After all, it is hip and fun to be green.

1. RSP Girl’s green tote bag

RSP Girls green tote bag

The bag has a cool 70s retro vibe to it which makes you want to pick one up and carry it along. Made out of 100% organic cotton, the bag has a lovely print of a tree with the message ‘Green isn’t just my favorite color’. Perfect for tree-huggers and tree-lovers, the screen printed image is sweet and to the point. At the end of the day, it’s all about wearing what you believe in.

2. Jessbobess’s Vintage reusable green messenger bag

Jessbobess’s Vintage reusable green messenger bag

The best way to be eco friendly is by using a reusable bag. This second hand vintage bag is sturdy enough to carry plenty of heavy stuff like groceries so you don’t have to worry about it tearing apart. There is also a zippered pocket to keep their money and coupons while shopping. This is the best way to hit the stores without worrying about flimsy plastic bags or carrying an extra handbag. Just one bag does the job.

3. UnNakd85’s t-shirt bags

UnNakd85’s t-shirt bags

Why throw away your old t-shirts when you can put them to good use by making bags out of them? These t-shirt bags are big in size thereby allowing you to carry plenty. Also, they are super easy to tote around and you can just roll them up and put them in your handbag. You can also make your own t-shirt bags. It’s a fun DIY project and you can make your own personal customized bag from your vintage t-shirts. Use one with fun prints to give it a funky touch.

4. Dog Bone Art’s Robot shopping bags

Dog Bone Art’s Robot shopping bags

These robot shopping bags are fun and funky. They’re available in 3 colors – pink, yellow and green – and are perfect to carry anywhere. The robot bags have been hand screen printed using non toxic inks. You can also pair them with fun outfits as the prints are so fun and trendy. Nothing like jazzing up a regular outfit with a fun colorful eco friendly bag.

5. McYarnPant’s Fabric tote bag

McYarnPant’s Fabric tote bag

With a lovely orange strawberry print, this bag has a fun 70s vibe to it and is perfect to take along to pick up fruits and vegetables. The bag is lined with heavy combed cotton in chocolate brown. There is also a large pocket inside to carry stuff. With a long strap you can sling it across your shoulder which makes it very easy to carry and hands-free.

6. Upcycled Art’s Reusable Produce bags

Upcycled Art’s Reusable Produce bags

These cute red mesh bags are perfect to carry your fruit and vegetables in. They are eco friendly and biodegradable and made out of extremely sturdy poly mesh material. These bags will easily last for years and the best advantage is that they are washable. These see-through bags also have a handy drawstring closure to make sure you don’t drop any of your fruits or vegetables.

7. Red paper Record’s Eco friendly Canvas Bags

Red paper Record’s Eco friendly Canvas Bags

This is a set of 2 eco-friendly bags and they have a fine message for all. In a lime green fabric ink, ‘You’re still using plastic?’ is hand printed on both sides. Not only are they fun but they also carry an important message. Perfect for the mall, groceries or school, the bags are made out of a nice heavy weight canvas which makes them extremely sturdy. You can carry heavy items in the same plus you can also use them over and over again. The bags can also be personalized as the designer will change the color of the print according to your preference on request.

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