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Corelam – Corrugated wood to do more while using less

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We’ve seen corrugated plastic and aluminum put to great use over the decades. Providing sturdy structures for home and industrial use, while using comparatively less of the materials required. So, what if we could do the same to wood? Wouldn’t that serve our purposes wonderfully? Well, that’s exactly what Christian Blyt, a Canadian Industrial Designer has done, to create Corelam – a wood product that makes use of corrugation and uses less wood to provide greater sturdiness and strength than ever before.

Corelam started as a small project by Blyt over a decade ago, to try to make greater use of commercially available plywood. By his own admission, Christian’s earliest attempts failed. But through perseverance and more research, he has put together Corelam – a product that could revolutionize architectural standards.

There’s just so much that it could be used for. From sound walls to ceilings, Corelam could find practical applications almost everywhere, with the added advantage that it’s kind on the environment. It’s no surprise then, that Corelam was amongst the winners of the prestigious WoodWorks awards for 2011.

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