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Could we have eco-friendly fireplaces?

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Fireplaces were used a great deal in previous times. Fireplaces included a fireplace filled with food and there was a vent from which smoke bellowed from the roofs of the house, polluting the environment as well as the home itself. Nowadays the old fire places are being replaced by newly structured fireplaces that have been designed in an eco friendly manner which do not contain vents. The come in a variety of styles, sizes and designs good enough to fit in your home. They are re-locatable and can be relocated from one room to another easily.


Electric fireplaces

One of the best fireplaces that help to save the environment from getting polluted are the electric fireplaces that are best suited for condominiums or small apartments.

The best thing about these electric fireplaces is that they require zero maintenance along with no installations. They run by electric, and come equipped with a blower that is designed for TV stands, fireplaces or wall mountings.


Gel fireplace

Another fireplace that is eco friendly and efficient as well are the gel fireplaces that are made of good quality alcohol based gels that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.

Though they are not made of real fire, the crackling sound that they make seems to be like fire. They are available to be mounted in walls, TV bottoms, and table tops as well.


Ethanol based fireplaces 

The best eco friendly fireplace that one can think of is the ethanol based fireplace that helps to burn up bio fuel which is renewable from other renewable materials like corn. It does not leave any flames or pollution but only water vapor and CO2. It has no remains of ash. This is available at all leading stores.

If you have an affinity for the old fireplaces that the mansions used to have, you can also get a fireplace insert that helps to amplify the efficiency as well as the looks. These inserts are fireproof, and are well designed to avoid any kind of accidents. They are suitable as well as very cheap to run, and can be treated as the most eco friendly way to have an eco friendly fireplace at home.

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