Countries that are setting a new example of green living


A healthy environment is very important for the well being and overall health of people. The gradual climate change, hole in the ozone layer, ocean acidification and other environmental problems are the biggest effects people have experienced because of ignoring the green living style. As these environmental changes have become the problems of global concern, it is now the responsibility of not only the individual countries, but the world as a whole to work together in solving them. In this regard, several steps have been taken to make the world aware of the environmental crisis and to motivate them to follow the greener lifestyle. The countries which are setting an example for other countries of the world in following a greener and healthier lifestyle are mentioned below.

Costa Rica

geothermal energy

The country stands first on the Happy Planet Index (HPI), it has been keeping zero greenhouse emission. The solar energy concept is not that much working in the country as it has abundant hydroelectric and geothermal resources. The ‘green culture’ laws passed by the country to become the best one in adopting the green living style include the tax funded National Forests Law, the Eco Marchamo and the Carbon Neutral Framework.


solar power

The country is standing quite high on the Human Development Index (HDI) and is one of the world’s most developed countries. Nothing in the development of the country is done at the cost of environment. The greenhouse gas emissions of the country are very low despite the fact that it is not a major investor in the solar power. The Government is also planning to ban the sale of cars which are fuelled by petrol by 2025, which is a very big step towards the go greener campaign.


Protecting nature

Spain has invested quite a lot in renewable energy which has benefitted the country to a great extent in becoming the best country for green living. Maintaining the greenhouse gas emissions at a very low level has been thus easier for the country besides generating sufficient energy for the prosperity of the nation. Spain is further planning to generate its entire energy using the renewable sources by 2020, which is a very big step towards saving the environment.



Relying very much on the renewable sources, the country has been able to maintain the greenhouse gas emissions to a very low level. The Human Development Index of this country is very high as the country is having a steady economic growth. The people of the country have a higher life expectancy. The investment in solar, wind and biomass technology has also been very high. It is also one of the wealthiest countries in Latin America as it has been able to slash the carbon footprint without any high consumer costs or government subsidies.



Switzerland is the world’s greenest country with a high score on the Happy Planet Index and very low greenhouse gas emissions. The rules and regulations made by the government have been very promising for the development of the country. Citizens pay taxes for garbage collection, which is quite unique and the advanced incinerators work without polluting the air much. The bottled mineral water and the tap water are of the same quality and the tap water is almost 500 times cheaper. The hybrid car drivers are offered various discounts by the hotels in Switzerland. The investment in renewable sources is again very high and all these unique things make the country one of the best in the green space.


Photovoltaic panels

Although the country has a low rank on the Happy Planet Index and a modest rank on Human Development Index, its solar capacity provides a better future potential. Bulgaria, because of its high natural resources content, is benefited highly both economically and environmentally.


fossil fuel

Ranking high on the Human Development Index, France is also maintaining the greenhouse gas emissions on a very low level. The Happy Planet Index also ranks the country on a good level and the solar energy investments are a major factor of development. The country is also working very effectively on reducing the use of fossil fuels, and it is initiating food recycling and the environmentally conscious construction.

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