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Create a Greener Workplace While Saving Electricity

by DrPrem Jagyasi

While creating a greener workplace and saving electricity may refer to two different practices, they both lead to the conservation of energy and protection of our environment. Let us try to explore some ways to make it green effectively. Talking about a greener workplace means the creation of a low-impact workspace. Here are some tips that can help you go green when you are at work.

Digitize activities

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In this digital age, you can save large quantities of paper by simply digitizing your tasks and activities. It makes no sense to waste natural resources by printing and writing on paper. You can simply send emails when you need to write letters or applications. You may perform a video chat for delivering training sessions instead of printing a voluminous training manual to handover to your trainees. Thus, there are innumerable activities and tasks that can be performed on computers and Internet instead of doing them on paper. Digitizing activities can contribute greatly to turn your workplace greener.

Optimize the energy use


As many employees now work on computers, it is important to make them aware of optimized computer settings that save energy. You should also keep your systems and devices on energy-saving modes, as well as shut them down before you leave your workplace. You should also turn off lights in your workspace.

Believe in recycling


Recycling is a nice way to go green. It also applies in case you are buying printing paper or similar accessories for your office. Go for recycled paper instead of chlorine-bleached paper. You may also reuse papers that are blank on one side. Otherwise, it is a good idea to print on both sides of paper. Similarly, you can recycle several waste materials lying at your workplace.

Work from home

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Technology has made it easier to work from home whenever you require. However, you can do this to save a number of resources that are used while traveling and working in your office. By working from home occasionally, you can save a good amount of energy that goes in commuting to your workplace or while working there.

When we now talk about saving electricity, here are a few tips that can come handy both at your workplace and at home.

Go for an audit

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To save energy, it is important to know about your current energy usage. Get your home energy audit done to understand it. This will make you aware of the areas, activities and equipment consuming higher energy as compared to others. Then, think of strategies to cut down energy use in those areas.

Cut down power usage

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It is important to reduce the use of electricity in order to do savings. Thus, you should target every single place where you could cut down your power usage. For example, exchange light bulbs with LEDs; turn off devices when not in use; go for energy-efficient home appliances, etc.

Replace electricity with renewable resources

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The most beneficial method to save electricity is to replace its consumption with other renewable resources. For example, use natural ventilation by opening doors or windows instead of cooling your room through air-conditioning. Use curtains in your room to block sunlight so you do not have to spend power on cooling it. Such actions can lead to huge savings of electricity and lowering of your energy bills.


It is critical to adopt green practices whether you are working in your office or sitting at home. Save power and resources while trying to recycle everything possible.

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