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Create open sense of seclusion with GREEN room divider

green wall horizontal2

Creating new spaces within your home can be so much fun and if it comes with an added advantage of sustainability, what more would anyone want. Jean-Marie Massaud, a creative designer at for DEDON has designed a multi-faceted room divider that lets you new create private spaces where you could relax while enjoying a fresh, cool breeze. Dubbed the “GREEN wall horizontal”, the organic structure comprises of two woven dividers that support plant growth within them, forming a harmonious design.

green wall horizontal1

The innovative design not only offers visual uniqueness, but also develops an open sense of seclusion. The green plants placed between them can grow and climb on the woven dividers, brining you more close to nature. It is ideal for both, indoors as well as outdoors use. The chalk colored GREEN wall horizontal can withstand harsh weather, making it just perfect for your outdoors. All you have to do is mount its sturdy braces on the floor and you are ready with a stunning room separator.

green wall horizontal3

Via: StylePark