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Seven creative products made from recycled gadgets

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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. This is the order of the day. All of these days are gadget freaks and with the amount of gadgets flooding the markets daily if we tend to buy more and more. But what about the ones we do not use? Most of them find their way to landfills and garbage bins where they are a health and environment hazard. So naturally it is best to send them for recycling where people are working tirelessly to create beautiful pieces of art and craft from these pieces of gadgets you find waste. Many such products are available now and we have compiled a list of seven such items which we think are amazing.

1. Circuit Board Lamp


Now have you ever thought of what to do with all the circuit boards? Well how about making a lamp out if them? It is an Eco-friendly solution brought out by Electrickery. It makes a pretty lamp to go with your desk top.

This Eco-friendly lighting solution reuses old circuit boards to create a striking desktop lamp. It looks cool and funky and it is not too heavy on your wallet either. It will cost you $ 30 approximately.

2. Floppy Disk Notepad

floppy disk note pad

So the next on the list are floppy disks. Have you ever wondered what you can do with these other than throw them in the dustbin? Here is a unique way to handle them. Make a notepad out of them! It is small, easy to carry and is made of old recycled floppy disks. Two floppy disks of 3.5 inches are placed on the front and back and the notepad is made using about 90 sheets of recycled paper which is acid free. They are fun to buy as some of the disks even have the contents marked on them when they might have been in use. The cost of each note pad is around $ 6.

3. Jewellery


An old PC is always considered junk. It is considered waste. But here are few people who can find good use of this junk than merely reusing them. Etsy is one such place where they take up computer keyboards and transform them into stunning pieces of jewellery. Artist Audrey Rogers reuses these keyboard keys to create amazing earrings. By adding a dash of sterling silver, these keys get on a whole new life as beautiful aesthetic works of art which you will be proud to own. It will cost around $ 18 a pair.

4. Reee Chair

reee chair

Every time you buy a new Play Station what do you do with your old one? Have no idea. Well we have one for you. Make it into a chair! Eden project in England have come up with this ingenious idea. The entire chair is made from plastic of high quality salvaged from consoles of old Play Stations. They have made this high quality chair for use in domestic market and educational institutions. It weighs about 2.5 kg and can be disassembled for further recycling. It costs between $150 to 170.

5. TREAD Laptop Sleeves

laptop bag

If you want to buy something really Eco-friendly yet stylish these laptop bags are for you. They have been made from truck tires that are no longer useable on road. The sleeve bag is waterproof and has pretty and durable interiors. It is available in various sizes depending on your need. The cost of each sleeve is around $ 50.

6. Cassette Tape Neckties


New York designer Julio Cesar has come up with this wonderful idea. These neckties are made from old music cassettes and they have a triple use.

a. They protect the environment.

b. They are therefor style.

c. They can actually play soundtrack.

These ties use half tape and half colored cotton thread. Each tie piece will cost around $ 120.

7. TEcoART Computer Clock

computer clock

Etsy has come up with another unique idea. It picks up old computer parts and recycle them into fantastic clocks and pen holders. Each piece is crafted by hand and does justice to both ecology and technology. These are amazing pieces and a way to look cool as you move away from conventional time pieces made in wood or plastic. The cost of each piece varies.