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Creative products to promote water conservation

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Water is probably most important resource on earth, since the very birth of human civilization, people has move to settle close to water. No life is possible without water, as right now around there is really no problems with water availability. In 2008, The US EPA said a survey had found that 36 states were anticipating local, regional or statewide water shortage by 2013.

According to the UNDP human development report 2006, unclean water is the second biggest killer of children world over at the start of 21st century. According to another report, some households use approximately 50% of their water for gardening and summer is the time when sprinklers work over time to keep the grass green.

Some of water saving products are below which will definitely lower your water bill and save water!


Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Manager

This is a superb product, which acts as a water magnet for all your plants and lawn. It helps in water conservation as it helps to hold on to the evaporating water vapor there by extending the time between watering. You can even double or triple the number of days between required watering and enjoy the benefits of proper watering.


Jardenier Plant watering system

This product will help you reduce water usage by up to 80% and maintenance costs by 50% or more. This container can hold enough water to last at least two to three weeks, means it will save more water and money. You have to pay $5 for smallest pot and $50 for the larger one.

You can also use sprayers and misters that have aerator for reduce water consumption. These products are an eco- friendly product, which helps in reducing water pollution and water consumption.