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Creative ways of recycling and reusing old keys

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Keys are small but they are important part of our lives. Home and office keys, bike, car and drawer keys and many other keys which are no longer useful can be upcycled to create beautiful crafts for your home. Vintage keys which you have kept for their beauty can be used to make charms and bowls etc, to fashion beautiful artistic objects to decorate your home. They’re quite simple to make too, as you will see from the examples we have collected for you. Take a look at these wonderful pieces of art made from unused keys:

Keys’ ball, bowl and bottles

Recycle old keys to make striking keys artifacts like ball, bowl and bottles. Just gather all the individual keys or key sets you have and stick them onto a bottle or bowl or ball to create an interesting work of art you’d love to display.

Mini key bracelet

You might have seen faux or real jewelry pieces which have tiny keys stuck on to a bracelet. You can make this at home using the small keys that accompany suitcase locks and padlocks or the tiny locks used in vanity cases. The variety of sizes and shapes will make you mini bracelet charming – all you need is a chain, jewelry links and clasp.

Key cuff

If you have a clamp to puncture leather, you can cut an old leather belt, and with some metal domes, you can make a smart leather cuff.

Sunburst key mirror frame

An old round mirror can be made completely new by sticking keys with the pointed end pointing outwards on the frame. Painting the keys in gold color will give you a stylish sunburst mirror you can hang on any wall.

Key wind chime

Fishing line, twine and string will help you to hang and hold keys of various sizes. Hang them from any metal ring to make a beautiful, rustic wind chime for your home. The keys should be hung from different levels so that they overlap and clink when the wind is blowing. No need to buy expensive wind chimes when you can make a pretty one right at home from keys!

Frame them

Lovely old iron keys or vintage keys can be framed in vintage looking frames with colored backing of a striking color to preserve them, and to create a beautiful decoration piece for your living room.

Necklaces made from keys

This is one of the easiest craft which you can do using old keys. Just find or buy a jewelry chain and hang one or more keys to make a pretty necklace in no time at all.

Flying keys

An idea inspired by Harry Potter’s wizardry, these flying keys will add charm to your home. Stick keys on a piece of paper or canvas and draw wings on them, big and small. Frame this to get a charming wall hanging which needs very little effort and is extremely eye-catching.

Burlap print wall hanging

If you have vintage keys or keys of interesting shapes, but the quantity is not enough to make something, you can use them to create a burlap wall hanging. Paint one side of the keys and press the key onto a burlap cloth piece. After the paint dries, get it framed or frame it yourself and hang it anywhere you want to in your home.

Key key holder

Keys can be used to make key holders. A really good idea to keep your keys organized. Simply bend a few unwanted keys (you can do it with some effort), to create hooks which you can stick on a piece of wood. You can use any leftover wooden piece to make this unique key holder.

A wall full of keys

If you have an empty wall, and not a big budget to decorate it, just gather keys of different styles such as grandfather keys, and create a wonderful wall display. Mix and match keys and locks from different eras and using nails to hang them will make your wall a vintage attraction. 

Unwanted keys are a bother but now you know how you can put them into good use. You can create lovely art pieces with keys which you’d have otherwise thrown away.