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Five creative ways to recycle read magazines

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Magazines are the calm and quiet companions of people. They can go with you anywhere and give you company whenever you feel bored or want to gather some information. With the annual subscription as small as $10 per year, they easily find a place to sit in most of the homes. The type of magazines that you subscribe may differ from those subscribed by your neighbor. It all depends on your taste and interest. Whatever the reasons are, finally you end up accumulating a whole lot of magazines in your home. After some time, they begin to overflow your shelves and baskets. Finally, you will have to cram them in various other places including your drawers, book cases and other storage options. It may be difficult to destroy all these magazines. The best way is to use them in some way. Given below are five creative ways to recycle read magazines.

1. Leave them in a waiting room

Most of the recycling centers may not accept the glossy magazines. But most of the magazines you get today are made of glossy papers. You simply cannot pop them into the landfills. The best thing is that there are several places that make use of these papers. You can leave such magazines in the dentist’s office, doctor’s office, gyms, salons, laundromats and fitness centers. Most often these magazines would help the people waiting there to spend time in an interesting way by reading. Before giving the books you can inquire with the receptionist and then hand over the magazines.

2. For craft projects

These magazines can be put to an interesting use. They are mostly required by school kids for doing various assignments and craft projects. If you have a lot of colorful magazines, ask your children if they need the magazines for cutting out some pictures etc. You can also give them away to your nephews and niece. Sometimes your neighbor’s children may also require some of these. They would be more than happy to receive the magazines. If possible check with the local elementary school. Ask the teachers if they require the old magazines. They may also be useful for creating and displaying meaningful posters.

3. Donate them

Another green way of recycling read magazines is by donating them to the needy. Sometimes you may have felt the need of picking up an interesting magazine from the magazine basket of your salon or gym. The time seems to fly by when you are equipped with a good magazine. Sometimes, you will also be in a situation where you may find that all the magazines are already read by you. The best thing you can do is to donate all those interesting ones at home to such places so that your fellow members can enjoy some good read. If you are not a gym goer, try donating them to other places like a library, thrift stores, schools or the youth centers. Try putting them on the Craigslist. If you are lucky, you may find a person in search of old magazines.

4. Make a recipe book

An interesting way to use the read magazines is to create a recipe book. Most of these magazines usually carry a few recipes from all over. It may not be possible for you to remember all of them. And, at times you may not even be able to trace a particular recipe. The best thing to do is to create a recipe book of your own. If you find an interesting recipe, cut it out and keep it carefully. When you collect a few of them, slip each recipe into a file or a photo album. Choose recipes that have tempting photos of the dishes. This will make it easy for you and your family to choose the dishes accordingly and prepare them.

5. Scrapbooking

The best way to use the read magazines is for scrapbooking. You can create wonderful scrapbooks using the colorful papers of the magazines. There are lot of magazines on garden and home with very interesting pictures. You can take the necessary pictures and use them in a creative way to make excellent scrapbooks. Invite friends at home and teach them also to use the magazines in a creative way.

There are numerous other ways of using the read magazines in a creative way instead of wasting them. Some of the best places you can donate them include the local shelters for the homeless, hospitals etc. People who are interested in reading will make use of the magazines effectively. They can also be used for teaching the kids. They can locate the shapes, fruits, vegetables, letters, flowers and numbers etc and create interesting collages.