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Seven creative ways to reuse old mattresses

Reuse old mattresses

Your mattress could be the best one for you, but as time passes, the style changes and so also the quality of old things. Your mattress can also become uncomfortable for you after particular years. It could increase in weight because of swat, dust mites, skin cells and other debris. Old mattress can cause you severe back problems thus making you feel uncomfortable while you sleep or lay down on your mattress. You can replace the old mattress with the new one and reuse the old mattress for some other purposes.

Here are some seven creative ways to reuse old mattresses

1. Reusing for children’s playtime

You can reuse the old mattresses in your backyard. Old mattresses are the perfect place where your children can play safe. It is the creative substitute for the trampoline for which kids are crazy. Your children can play for house on the mattress and enjoy their games. The mattress can be anything according to your child’s imaginations. It is advisable to keep the mattress clean as the dust mites; body sweat which is invisible for the naked eyes can cause illness.

2. Donating the mattress to a church or shelter

As you have decided to get rid of the mattress, you can simply donate the old mattress to as shelter or to a church. There are various women’s shelters, homeless shelters or disaster relief shelters that can accept the donation of the cleaned mattress. Churches also accept clean mattresses and give the needy families. There are some charitable organizations that do free pickups of the donations to want to give their organization.

3. Compost it

The best way to reuse the old mattress is by recycling it. Mattress recycling is the best way to be green and help the environment. The mattress stuffing and the wood frame can be used the best for creating a compost pile in backyard. All the wood slats of the frame can be used to make the actual bin for the compost. The foam or the cotton stuffing can be used to protect the compost from elements and to keep the pile warm which will accelerate the composting process. The stuffing can also be used as a landscape fabric to protect the garden from weeds.

4. Donate to a pet rescue center

You can also donate the old mattress to the animal shelters. They will use these mattresses for animals as their beds. Doggie Day care centers might also be interested in taking your old mattresses.

5. Create art

You can also use the old mattresses as a canvas for new art project. There are various organizations that held competitions for promoting, recycling and reusing the mattresses which has attractive themes. You have to turn the mattress in such a way that it turns to be like a new product. The best art work wins the price and is rewarded with some gifts.

6. Sell it

You can sell the mattress if you want some cash. Before selling the mattress, get the mattress professionally cleaned which will cost you nearly about 60USD to 80USD depending on the type of service you opt for. Once the cleaning process is done, take the photo of your cleaned mattress and upload on the websites that are specially made for selling mattresses. Do not forget to upload photo as it will let other people know that the mattress is cleaned properly. You will also have to write the description of the firmness of the mattress, its brand and the price you had paid for it while you bought it new. Write the correct information and display it in front of your mattresses photo.

7. Give it away

The best and the easiest way to get rid of the old mattress is by simply giving it away. You might be surprised to know how many people are waiting for the free mattress. Come in contact with your coworkers, friends, recent graduates and you can also post a message on the community board at your condo complex or apartment and let people know that you want to give the mattress away to the needy.

If you still do not find anyone to give away the old mattress, you can then simply surf the internet and there are organizations that need mattresses for the poor and needy people. You can clean the mattress and then send the mattress on the particular address. Your junk item can help them in getting the comfortable and relaxing sleep.

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