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Creative ways to use plastic bags for Halloween decorations

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Come Halloween and every yard out there would be filled with its share of frightening lights and decorations. Most of these decorative items can be expensive however, and can burn a hole through your pocket. Thankfully, there are other ways to decorate your front yard this Halloween this year without opting for those expensive decorations. And all the ideas mentioned below can be made out of one common household item, plastic bags.


The Plastic Bag Ghost

A white, floating ghost is a perfect way to frighten anyone who dares to enter your home, giving them the scare of their lives. And all you need for this are some white plastic bags, some newspapers, a string and some black paint.

Roll up some newspapers to form a ball and place it at the bottom of a plastic bag. Tie a string around the plastic bag at the bottom to keep the ball in place. Turn the plastic bag upside down and you will get the head of the ghost. Shred the other end of the bag with some scissors to give off the effect of torn clothing. Paint a scary face on the head. Attach a string to the back of the head and hang the decoration on the front porch or from a tree in the yard, and you have your very own trash bag ghost waiting to scare the living daylights of anyone who passes by.


Monster Footprints

An easy to do décor item, monster footprints just require some plastic bags, a pair of scissors and some glue. Using a marker, draw a faint outline of a monster footprint on the plastic bag and cut it out using a scissor. Glue these monster footprints (both right and left legs) on the front porch or on the sidewalk as if a monster had just walked up your path.


Plastic Bag Curtains

You would need several plastic bags for this decoration. Cut out several rectangular patches of the size from different plastic bags and attach them one after the other with glue. Shred some plastic bags to form linear strips of plastic that can be attached together to form a curtain. The length of the attached strips needs to be of the same height as your doorframe. Attach these individual strips of plastic to the patches you made already and hang the completed curtain on the doorway. Attach some plastic bugs, spiders and other creepy crawlies on the curtain and you have one spooky curtain ready to run into the moment you open the door.