Crystal Wash: Eco-Friendly, Money-Saving, Connected Laundry

Everything is becoming more and more eco-friendly these days, which is great news as all-natural, environment friendly products are also often cheaper and more efficient. Innovative new products are revolutionizing everything from thermostats to, surprisingly, laundry. Crystal Wash wants to make doing laundry cheaper and easier… by eliminating the need for laundry detergent altogether. It works by controlling the pH level of your laundry water – water that’s too basic or acidic can damage clothes and fade colors, but it’s necessary to control water pH to get your clothes clean.

Traditional laundry detergent control pH with chemicals, but Crystal Wash uses natural mineral-based balls to not only control pH levels, but also to disinfect clothing, getting rid of bacteria and odors. Proven to be as effective as regular detergent, Crystal Wash raises the pH level of laundry water, dissolving dirt and stains so they can be soaked out of clothes naturally. This means that Crystal Wash is entirely chemical free, dye free, and perfume free – all natural.

Crystal Wash doesn’t need to be replaced as often as detergent either: while the average person uses about 40 jugs of detergent for every 1000 cycles of laundry, just one Crystal Wash will last these 1000 washes. This makes Crystal Wash about six times cheaper than regular detergent. 40 jugs of detergent could cost over $300, while one Crystal Wash pod costs just $50.

It does need to be recharged, however, though that’s just as easy as throwing your Crystal Wash into the laundry machine. Just leave the (recyclable) plastic container outside for a couple hours, once every 30 loads, and the pH level of the enclosed minerals will stabilize, effectively recharging your Crystal Wash.

The not-yet-released Crystal Wash 2.0 will offer even more innovative, useful features than the original version, and it seems like people are excited for the update. The Crystal Wash 2.0 kickstarter has already raised over $250,000, more than doubling its $100,000 goal.

The 2.0 version seeks to improve on it’s predecessor with fancy new gadgetry – their kickstarter describes it as the “connected version”. This means that it’s equipped with a micro-controller, and Bluetooth connectivity, bringing laundry data right to your mobile device. Everything is more connected these days, with apps and gadgets that serve to make your life easier, and laundry looks like the next thing to become integrated into your smartphone. The Crystal Wash 2.0 comes with an accompanying app, with both Android and iPhone versions, that you can use to check wash stats and to receive alerts when your laundry is done. The app also includes a couple other useful tidbits, like graphs and charts which track your savings, and alerts that let you know when your Crystal Wash is due for a recharge.

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