Cubicle is a perfect housing unit for Eco conscious nomads

Regarding the cubicles

The Cubicles are the eco-friendly mobile houses resided with the people who have to travel from one place to another, constantly throughout their lives and they are nomads. These houses can be transported and installed without any difficulties in any part of the world. The cubicle houses are for those professionals who have to live roaming lives. These houses are specially designed for the people who have to change their living styles very often. All the comforts of amenities of fixed houses are there inside these cubicle houses. These can even work completely and independently for a few weeks.  They can be stalled at any place on the Earth without any hassles. These houses can also be bought with reasonable prices, affordable by everyone. Even small families can live in the mobile houses, without any difficulties.

Characteristics of the mobile houses

The unit of the mobile housing is covered with facades made of large glasses. It helps the residents of the houses to enjoy the outside natural beauty all the time. It also allows enough of sunlight and air to enter into the houses and illuminate the interiors without artificial lighting system. The house interiors are divided into three parts, bedroom, workroom, kitchen and washroom.  Each room is usually one in number that is there is one bedroom, workroom, kitchen and washroom respectively.  Thus, all the facilities of normal living are present in these cubicles.


House architecture

The cubicle house rests on four strong legs, which are adjustable. These legs let the owner to set his house even in rugged and rough terrains. The roof of the house is fully covered with solar panels which generate the whole power and energy, needed by the house. There are also separate reservoir systems in order to store and harvest a lot of rain water, which can be utilized at times when the house is not supplied with any water supply for few weeks.  The house architecture is eco-friendly since, the sun or the solar energy is the only source of power for the house. It does not use any of the artificial sources from burning fuels or other strong chemicals, which may pollute the atmosphere.  Thus, the source of energy is fully natural in cubicles.

Sizes of the mobile homes

There are two major sizes of the mobile homes or cubicles, single-wides and double-wides homes. The single-wides are 90 feet in length and 18 feet in width. The double-wide mobile homes are 20 feet in width and 90 feet in length. The cubicles or the mobile homes can easily be transported from one place to another and can be installed in sea level natural areas as well as on rough high terrains and hills capes. They are suitable for all types of weather and climatic conditions.


Utilities of cubicles

The laws, rules and regulation of cubicle house are totally different from that of modular or stable houses. Thus, different civil or property lawyers should be consulted for buying or selling the mobile houses. The architects and designers of the mobile homes are also different from that of static houses. The cubicles are immensely useful in earthquake prone and flood prone areas. Since, the residents have to immediately move from one area to another in case of these large scale natural calamities. These houses are also very common in volcanic areas or fire belts that are the areas near the active volcanoes in any country.  The mobile homes are also very common in the hilly and mountainous territories of the world. These houses protect the residents from heat as well as tremendous cold weather. Facilities like room heaters and air conditioners can also be installed and used in the houses with the help of solar energy batteries.

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