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Customizable Mohop sandals add personal touch to your walk

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Finally, it’s that time of the year when you say goodbye to those woolies and boots and look out for some stylish sandals. There are numerous elegant footwear waiting for you eagerly, but I promise none like the Mohop sandals. You must be wondering, what is it that makes them so special? Well, they have a good looking wooden sole. Yes, you heard it correct, a wooden sole. Designed by Chicago-based architect Annie Mohaupt, these sandals are environmentally friendly, comfortable, and best of all, allow nearly infinite design options with just one pair of wooden soles. Thinking what that means. Actually, apart from being made-to-order, they can also be easily customized by the user. All you have to do is use different colored ribbons and you are ready with a new design and footwear suiting your dress.

Annie has created a new, more affordable, ready-to-wear line for this spring. Each of these customizable sandals come with seven solid and striped grosgrain ribbons in white, black, navy and metallic, with widths between three-eighths and 1 1/5 inches wide, as well as seven cards with easy-to-follow lacing directions. The soles of these stunning sandals are made in an ethically run factory in China using wood from Malaysian rubber trees. They are super comfortable, thanks to the curved shape of the footbed that provides even support along the length of the foot, alleviating the typical fatigue points at the heel or ball of the foot. You have three designs to choose from – the low ebony thong coming with a price tag of $142, the mid walnut wedge that available for $172 and the high cherry wedge that will set you back by $188. These footwear definitely deserve a place in your wardrobe. So, ladies what are you waiting for, get the “infinity sandal” and add that personal touch to your walk.

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