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ORTUS: A customizable public bench


A great innovation from the field of industrial design, a modifiable bench for outdoor settings is a great idea. Home furniture that can be folded over or packed up after use is very common, but this mechanism has never been applied to any public furnishing or equipment. Surely, we have space constraints in public areas too.

Sometimes, two different groups of people are chatting outside, with the limited seating options that are fixed on spot, their conversation is bound to clash. But there is an answer to this predicament now. You can create separate private spaces for two or even more groups of people outside. Also, when two strangers decide to park out on a bench, they can opt to not sit right next to each other. A marvelous idea that will be loved by all those who spend time in public parks and jogging tracks. This creation has been rightly tagged as the modular public bench as you can customize it before you take a seat.

This innovative bench can rotate about its axis, not just half way round but a full 360 degrees. Apart from creating separate seating areas, the unique design of the bench has other benefits also. It can fit into different types of surroundings easily. It can be shaped and structured in different forms according to the building outline around it. Thus, it can be adapted to fit into different types of settings.

A simple design of the bench is inspired from a sofa cum bed that has another bed stationed below another one on top. You can pull out the extra bed from underneath during the night. When not required, the smaller bed that fits under the bigger one on the top, can be pushed back under the large sized bed. This helps create more space to move about. A plain elongated bench in white and beige is also designed the same way by the designer. You have a slightly smaller bench under the top one, which is obviously bigger in size. The bench underneath can be pulled out. Both benches form an L shape together, standing at 90 degrees from each other.

Another design gives the bench a long zigzag form. It has been assembled to create four different seating areas with just a single bench. The four different seating surfaces are at 90 degrees from each other. You can shift one of the slats and bring it in line with the adjacent seating surface. Thus you will have three different seating surfaces now with the same bench. One surface will have more space than the other two. This gives you freedom to create any shape you want in your outdoor zone.

Another great piece of news is that the bench can be made from different materials. So, you can pick the material suitable for your outer space. Also, there is a whole array of colors to choose from. So, the bench will never look common, each model can be given a distinctive appearance. This bench is a creation of Luis Moura, a Portuguese industrial designer. He works for the myface brand at Menina Design Group. Other handiworks in his portfolio are; Throne bench, Lex living room table, and Red Bull coffee machine.

Via: Behance