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Cute mini black notebook made of recycled floppy disks

by DrPrem Jagyasi

We know that floppy disks are outdated these days, we prefer compact disks (CDs), micro secure digital (SD) cards, and pen drives more instead of this. What if we can use floppy disks again? Here, we have a handmade cute mini black notebook made of recycled floppy disks, papers and owire. Both the front and back cover spot the now almost useless floppy disk. Earlier it was widely used only in black color but now is recycled into this amazing little notebook in the perfect size to take everywhere.


Shape and size of notebook

This rectangular shaped mini floppy disk notebook measure 3 ½” X 3 5/8” long and ¾” wide (with the binding). This new mini notebook has 125 sheets and 250 writing surfaces, made of recycled fine writing papers. The binding used allow you to lay your notebook flat and you can even add more papers or pad from inside to increase its writing surface. This brand new mini notebook is small enough to carry in your pocket, purse and backpack.

Also in spectacularly terrific new colors

A sweet mini floppy notebook is quite enough to make an impression on your friends and this is a must-have in your collection. It is also available in spectacularly terrific new and attractive colors like light blue, lemon yellow, dark teal blue. If you want to buy this notebook then it is available at Esty for just $6.50.

An ecofriendly product

Floppy disks are made of plastic, which is non-biodegradable in nature and can cause various types of pollution. This is an eco-friendly product made from recycling process and it is a green product, which helps in reducing the quantity of waste on earth.