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D-Eco Bricks :Plastic cups transform into amazing wall adornments

D-Eco Bricks Beautiful Wall Decor

D-Eco Bricks is a brilliant and innovative idea to recycle or reuse plastic cups to create amazing wall decor. Plastic is a product that is non-biodegradable and is produced the world over. Governments are trying to curb and ban the use of plastics, but in some cases, production of plastic products is unstoppable. To start with, plastic cups are used in huge quantities the world over and reusing them in different ways can probably help in reducing the quantity of plastic trash. D-eco Bricks or ‘green’ eco-friendly bricks is precisely a step in the right direction!

D-Eco Bricks Wall Decor

The design involves the manufacture of bricks using plastic cups which turn out to be very aesthetic in shape and can be used to eco-decorate a structure/building. The process of manufacturing is very simple and it requires very little or no expertise and no amount of literacy to perform the task. Such bricks are heat-resistant and are great when it comes to keeping indoor temperature cool. These bricks are much affordable than the regular bricks are are far more durable too. They have been tested against various controlled weather conditions and UV radiation – and they are extremely wear-tear free.
D-Eco Bricks To Create Beautiful Wall Decor

The bricks are made in a very easy manner wherein 4-6 plastic cups are taken. Next, the cup bottoms are traced on a rectangular piece of plywood and 4/6 holes are cut. The remaining pieces of plywood are then joined together with glue to form a rectangular mold. The cups are also affixed onto the mold with glue. The mold can be used to yield two different patterns – depending upon the way you choose to affix the plastic cups. Then add sand onto the flat surface of the mold followed by gravel – which should be spaced out evenly making sure that the gravel layer is not too thick. Lastly, the cement is poured into the mold and it is left to dry for some time. You can take out your D-Eco brick from its mold once the cement is dried.

D-Eco Bricks
The beautiful form of the brick and the fact that you have recycled plastic in doing so makes it very fascinating and a beautiful wall adornment.

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