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Deadly Boat Collisions for Whales

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Waters of the Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf are used by boats as well as whales. While one just speeds across the waters to reach its destination the other becomes a victim of a hit and run situation.

As soon as these massive mammals come into contact with large commercial vessels moving at speed they are met with deep cuts and at times crushed.

Even smaller vehicles can hurt them with fractures or bruising. The latest dead whale was about 11.5 metres long and weighed at least 20 tonnes. But despite its size the ship it collided with is unlikely to know it hit it.

DOC marine ranger Karl McLeod is quoted to have said:

They come here to feed and hang out bascially…feeding on schools of pilchards, anchovies, krill when it’s around,

Ship captains should charter their paths carefully so that they don’t hurt these harmless beasts.

Via: TV New Zealand