Decoding the missing link to renewable energy

Decoding the missing link to renewable energy

Rising sea levels and temperatures keep freaking everyone out. And, as environmentalists continue to raise alarm over wanton destruction of Mother Nature, we can only hope there will be solutions soon. However, given many challenges involved such as only a few countries seem committed to ongoing climatic change debate; we may wait a little longer. In the wake of these challenges, efforts towards harnessing clean energy have equally been in top gear and in the process, shifting global attention to lots of feasibility studies. You would want to ask a writing service to help with a PhD dissertation on renewal energy, but, there a global debate on clean power is far from over.

  • Renewable energy-what is it?


First and foremost, while discussions and inventions regarding clean energy surfaced many years ago, not many people understand the idea behind it. For example, you might want to ask; what are some of the energy sources that make amends with the future? Well, solar, wind and water have for many decades now, been taunted are not only renewable but also clean sources of lighting, heating, and propulsion. That is not to say that today, many people do writing jobs from home and all they need is a constant supply of electricity. But, what if the power goes off for days, and one ends up missing deadlines?

In his research, which has come a long way, entrepreneur and MIT professor, Donald Sadoway, explains that in spite of many clean energy sources, including recyclable alternatives like Biomass, inventing a storage battery is the jigsaw fit.  He argues that all we need right now is a storage system, efficient enough to keep sufficient amounts of energy for many years to come even if sources were to be depleted.

With auto companies like Tesla leading the race in manufacturing electric vehicles (EV) and even going to an extent of availing re-charge stations, the high-level innovativeness still does not provide long-lasting solutions for reliable and adequate storage systems. Come to think about it. If the whole of Africa’s Sahara desert was all covered with Solar Panels, would there be enough storage spaces to harness solar energy and keep companies running and homes lit?

Storage Battery-The Missing Link

Sadoway’s TED presentation

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Many clean and renewable energy producing companies have come to agree with Sadoway’s TED presentation and in the process, funding his initiative. Agreeably, a necessity right now is a reliable and dependable storage device. With the emphasis on battery as the solution of scaling out costs of technology used in producing power, we draw many links from Sadoway arguments and findings to further cement the missing link.

  • The storage battery should be affordable. As we steadily move toward a future of carbon-free fuels, every home and industry will need a system that can keep them powered for many days.
  • Sadoway’s discovery of the missing link does not only reveal a need for a battery, but also one which does not produce or consume energy. Smelting of Aluminium thus became helped him stem the argument in this regard. In the foregoing, a molten salt battery marked the epitome of Sadoway’s research and consequently, an invention of a feasible energy storage device-the battery. It is not only manufactured from readily available materials but equally fits the bill for large economies of scale production.

The Bottomline

While there are many energy storage alternatives for wind, solar and water powered processes, findings by Donald Sadoway help fill the gap in many ways. We do not only power grid batteries everyone can afford or make from abundant Mother Earth resources, but also those which resemble the ones we use in phones and cars.

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