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Decorate your walls the green way with Driftwood Mirrors

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Mirrors can enhance the look of any room and a good frame is like an icing on the cake. It acts like a wall decoration apart from helping in personal grooming and admiring oneself. Joshua Waldbaum has designed Driftwood Mirrors from reclaimed materials.

The admired artist from Malibu, has beautifully used natural and reclaimed stuff in his creations. Owner of a furniture and home accessory store, Living Simplistically his efforts have been appreciated by people. Joshua has crafted the sophisticated Driftwood Mirror collection using found natural driftwood. The frame has been crafted in an eco-friendly yet fashionable manner. These mirrors have been fashioned like fine pieces of art, that will make the walls they are wedged on spill sumptuousness.

The mirrors are available in three shapes: Latigo Floor Mirror Size, Malibu Square Mirror Size and Baja Sunburst Mirror Size, each measuring 22″w x 50″h, overall size: 32″w x 5″d x 60″h, 24″w x30″h, overall size: 36″w x 42h and 12″ diameter, overall size: 30″ diameter, respectively. The three shapes will give the buyer a freedom of choice to pick that will best suit their dwelling.

The artist is a great environment lover and the usage of natural and salvaged materials proves just that. With his artwork he is making genuine efforts to save precious resources and save the earth from further harm. Driftwood Mirror collection, with all the eco-friendly qualities intact will decorate your rooms while taking care of the nature as well.

Via: Recyclart

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